Moodle Course to demonstrate how to bring global connections home using Moodle - for PETE&C 2010.

Hola - students in all my classes will be using this same page.

Here are the links to Quia. You will find practice activities there.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

German 8 will involve vocabulary related to the Sabine und Michael story and to the Komm Mit textbook. Students will also work with grammar concepts that will prepare them for continuing their language study in the high school

Willkommen! Sixth Grade German is an introduction to the basics of the German language.  Students will be introduced to Sabine and Michael and will follow their escapades in order to learn vocabulary and grammar. Students will also learn about German culture.

German 7 will include a continuation of the Sabine und Michael saga.  Students will continue to learn vocabulary and grammar as well as improve  reading and writing skills.