This course will cover themes and concepts of world geography with emphasis on the Eastern Hemisphere.  We will relate these topics to our everyday life and learn just how small (and big) our world really is!

Hershey Middle School American Cultures course

This course covers themes and concepts of world geography within the Eastern Hemisphere

Eighth grade American Cultures consists of two distinct semesters of learning.

The first semester investigates the origins and content of the government of the United States. We will examine the history and philosophy that influenced the Founding Fathers to create the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. We will read and examine the actual text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Finally, we will outline the government under the Constitution, as it exists today.

The second semester is an examination of the early history of the United States. We will study the contributions of the first five Presidents to the policies and structure of our government as they continue to impact us today. We will discuss the inevitability of the Civil War as we investigate the events leading to the division of the nation and eventually the secession of the southern states. Finally, we will study the Civil War and the process of rebuilding during Reconstruction.