8th Grade Science is comprised of the following units:

1. Introduction

2. Weather & Water

3. Astronomy

4. Earth History

5. Force & Motion

6th grade Inquiry based science program which is driven by the PA State Science Standards & Anchors.

Systems is the theme of the 6th grade science program…this big idea allows students to see how changing 1 part affects the whole. Students will be encouraged everyday to step into the shoes of scientists and Do science!Students will…

Use scientific thinking processes

Conduct controlled investigations

Construct science understanding through observing,

communicating, comparing, organizing and relating

The 3 main areas of science instruction that will be focused on in 6th grade are: Nature of Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

Seventh Grade Science

Throughout the seventh grade science, students will be introduced to the concept of diversity and gain an appreciation for the variety of life on Earth. This area of study emphasizes the use of knowledge and evidence to construct explanations for the structures and functions of living organisms. Students will gain an understanding of the interdependence of living things with their environment. Ultimately, students will use this knowledge as they begin their journey of investigating ecological concepts that will help them with future environmental decision making.

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The seventh grade science program investigates the living world using two FOSS Middle School Programs.  Students will begin the year by studying the Diversity of Life program and will then move on to the Populations and Ecosystems program. 

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Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you enjoy learning by doing?  Am I asking you too many questions???  You may find this 6th grade course a bit of a mind stretch.  And if you do, you'll find yourself in good company.  Course topics include: models & designs; astronomy; variables; levers & pulleys; and ecology....All using methods of inquiry. 

This moodle site is designed to assist students to succeed and grow in Mr. Davies's 8th grade science class.