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  • Read Below for Login issues

    Students having trouble with login must be sure they are able to login to the school network with their username and password. Moodle logins now directly correspond to the username and password used for school. Common problems that can occur are students having blank passwords that work for school but won't work for Moodle. Also, if your school account is waiting for you to reset a password Moodle will not allow you to login.

    *If you have a blank school network password please contact Mr. Painter (mpainter@hershey.k12.pa.us) so we can get it reset. Please provide your name and grade in the communication.

    *If you login to the school network and it asks you to change your password, be sure to follow the directions and put in an actual password you'll remember. Don't hurry through and leave it blank.

    *If you have logged into the school network successfully and have a valid (not blank) password but Moodle still doesn't let you login contact Mr. Painter using the above email or extension 1230.

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